The void no.8, Acrylic on canvas, 125*90 cm, 2017
The Void no.7, Mixed Media, 100*70 cm, 2017. The spiral composition of this painting was inspired by Iranian miniature. Everything is in motion and the eyes doesn't focus on a particular area of the composition.

The Void no.6, Mixed media, 100*70 cm, 2017. Primary colors on distinct, flat forms, in contrast to vague setting was experienced in this painting to shed light on an unknown, yet comforting future.

The Void no.5, Oil on Canvas, 100*70, 2016. Encountering Iranian architecture, especially Yazd, was the inspiration of this work; arch can be observed throughout Iran's architecture.

The Void no.4, Oil on Canvas, 100*70, 2016

The Void no.1, Acrylic on Canvas, 80*80, 2015. The idea of “the void” collection sparked from this work.