About Yasaman

Yasaman Ghodsi is an Iranian composer, multi-instrumentalist, visual artist, and educator inspired by Persian art and culture. Coming from the East to the West, her sound world often blends Persian and Western Classical Music elements.

Film scoring, Persian Classical music performance, as well as exporation of the relationshiop between the visual and auditory arts are her main interests. She is currently scoring a short documentary, Half the History: Margaret Lothrop and the Wayside, directed by Jennifer Burton, as well as composing a series of piano solo pieces named "Prelude for Home."

Recently, Yasaman has scored another short documentary by Jennifer and Ursula Burton, Shirley Chisholm, Catalyst for Change: a Portrait in Eight Parts. Additionally, She was premiered by Loadbang ensemble to write a piece in collaboration with Iranian Female Composers Association (ICFA), for which she composed music for two of Baba Taher's poems named Exile and You Are Everywhere. These pieces were performed at Opera America in New York City, among other IFCA members pieces.

She has studied composition with John McDonald and Kiawasch Sahebnasagh, orchestration with Kareem Roustom, Harmony with Randall Woolf, piano with Rasool Akbari, and setar with Ali Asghar Bayani and Nima Janmohammadi. Yasaman has had the privilege of having Saeed Ravanbakhsh as her visual art/painting and new media instructor.

Before migrating to the United States to pursue her MA in Music Composition from Tufts University, Yasaman earned her BA in Painting and high school Diploma in Graphic Design in Iran. She has had several solo and group visual arts exhibitions, and now she is working on her new painting collection.

Yasaman is passionate about teaching and learning. She is a piano tutor and has been a teaching assistant for several courses at Tufts University including: Intro to Theory & Musicianship, Music on Film: Film on Music, Intro to World Music, and Intro to Oil Painting. She spends her spare time reading poetry, doing Taichi and Qigong.